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Yes it is, but it requires more effort on your part.

The only way to ensure you have a healthy, nutritious diet that is full of all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients required for good health is:

Eat lots of vegetables

* At least 6 portions of vegetables are needed each day, most of which should be eaten raw, lightly steamed or baked

* Make sure you eat at least one salad with some leafy green vegetables each day * Vegetables are packed full of antioxidants (especially the brightly coloured ones) and other nutrients (vitamins and minerals) which are necessary to maintain good health

Eat enough fruit

* Eat around 3-5 servings of fruit each day * Fruits are packed full of antioxidants (especially the brightly coloured ones) and other nutrients (vitamins and minerals) which are necessary to maintain good health * Fruits have fructose, which is a type of simple sugar and are great as a snack in between meals

Eat enough red meat

* Eat red meat about 3-4 times a week * Meat is full of zinc, magnesium, B Vitamins and plentiful in protein - so necessary for good health

Eat enough oily fish

* Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, trout and sardines are rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids * Eat these wonderful fish around 3 times a week (as recommended by Heart Organisations around the world)

* Omega-3 fatty acids have a beneficial effect on heart health * Omega-3 fatty acids are also deemed to be beneficial for people with Arthritis as they have an anti-inflammatory action on the body (and arthritis is an inflammatory condition)

Get enough dairy

* Milk, cheese and yoghurt are dairy foods which are the best sources of calcium * We all need calcium for our bones and teeth (but also for other processes in the body) * Women especially need extra calcium because of the risk of osteoporosis and women who are menopausal need extra calcium * Dairy foods also have a whole host of other necessary nutrients

Breads, cereals and grains - you do need these foods

* These provide a range of vitamins and minerals (even some protein) which are not as easily obtained in meats * We need these foods for good health * People on low carbohydrate diets are recommended to eat these foods in the latter part of the diet (except for the Zone diet, which advocates cereals and grains from the start)

In general

* Make your own food - it is healthier because you know what ingredients are inside each meal and it will be fresh, so packed with health-giving nutrients

* Go for organic - generally the fruits/vegetables/grains have more of all the nutrients than non-organic and the meats will not have any hormones or antibiotics added

* If not organic, then get as much of your food from local farmers markets, as they will generally be the freshest and it will help support your local community

What not to eat - to maintain good health

* Anything processed and found in a packet, tin or can (unless it is the raw ingredient, for exampled tinned tuna is fine as long as it is in brine or oil, tinned tuna in some sauce is passable, but it's better if you make the sauce yourself) * Any foods deep friend * Any foods found in take-away shops * Junk food merchants - McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King, etc

Remember, everything in moderation.

Even if you eat something that is deemed not so healthy, as long as it is only once in a while, it's fine. It is only when these junk, highly processed foods are the mainstream of your diet that it becomes extremely unhealthy and poses health risks in terms of obesity, Heart disease and diabetes.

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Q: Is today's lifestyle healthy in any way?
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What is a good way to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Some tips for a healthy lifestyle would firstly be to examine what is wrong with your current lifestyle and fix it around that. Whether it may be from a lack of exercise or a poor diet, you should start from there.

How can you a healthy lifestyle?

Being healthy and fit isn't a prevailing trend or pattern. Rather, it's a way of life". A healthy way of life is the thing that each family and individual tries to adopt. Everybody needs to stay fit and healthy and live on with a long life, but simply wishing to live with a healthy life doesn't have any effect.

What obstacle can not get in the way of your healthy lifestyle?

Having too much energy. Explanation: correct answer on APEX

How does a healthy lifestyle begin?

A healthy lifestyle begins in our mind. If we change our mind then the actions will follow, most people try to do it the other way and that's why they get frustrated and give up. Being healthy means watching what we eat and exercising regularly. Also realize that a healthy lifestyle doesn't just happen, it takes effort, you have to be committed to yourself. It really is about making the right choices over and over for a period of time that will help you develop that healthy lifestyle that you are looking for. You will have bad days and have some failures but if you realize you are worth it then you will get back on track.

What Happens if you are curious?

Curiosity! is a very natural and healthy way of learning about life in general also about yourself, and the things you are probably capable of achieving throughout your lifetime. Healthy Mind, Healthy Lifestyle.

What is the easy way to get thin?

There is no easy way. You want to lose weight, you need plenty of determination and dedication to get into the habit of making healthy lifestyle choices.

How does diet and exercise affect BMI?

If you have a lifestyle which includes a lot of watching TV and eating lots of junk food then most people would have a rating of overweight but if you are the other way round and you have a very energetic lifestyle which includes lots of running and eating healthy then may get a rating of underweight but if you have an average lifestyle which includes doing some exercises (not to many) and eating a bit healthy (but no healthy.

What kind of a program is Losing It?

The program Lose It is a weight loss program. They do not use fad diets, odd foods, or medicines of any kind. They teach you how to eat in a healthy way to improve your weight and lifestyle.

What can anyone do to promote a healthy lifestyle?

i believe the most successful way to promote a healthy lifestyle is for the schools to take charge and promote it to the students... children are the next generation and therefore, in order increase healthy lifestyles, you have to teach the next generation otherwise the unhealthiness that is going on today will carry on and get passed down from generation to generation.

Does the mediterrasian way diet relaly work?

There is no way of knowing whether any particular diet will work for any individual, but changing your lifestyle and diet to mirror what is traditionally eaten in Mediterranean and Asian cultures is a very healthy diet. As with any diet, it's important to talk to your doctor first.

Are dietary supplements nutritious?

The best way to become healthy is to toss out the junk, change your lifestyle and start eating healthy. That being said, dietary supplements do speed up the process of getting your body back on track to being healthy. You just cannot expect to sit around eating junk food, but take supplements and be healthy. You must take the lifestyle changes seriously.

Where can I find info on recipes for weight loss online?

the best way to loss weight fast and safe THE MAYO CLINIC DIET DEALS The Mayo Clinic Diet The Mayo Clinic Diet is a weight loss & lifestyle program that was designed by the experts at the Mayo Clinic. The purpose is to help you lose weight by teaching healthy eating and habits to develop and healthy lifestyle.