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No absolutely not! You were flirting, but he might've not realized, and flirting,liking, with someone would be your own privilege! Like the way you're free to love anybody.. Everybody can regret what they've done, but try not to. If you think you'll feel ashamed again, don't do it or try to avoid it.

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Q: Is there something wrong with you when you flirt with an older man but then feel ashamed after doing it?
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I got in a fight with a kid older than me and he dropped me and then i dropped him and kicked his butt except i feel ashamed that i got dropped by such a skinny kid How do i stop being so ashamed?

if you won why are you ashamed. you are probably more ashamed. he is older

Is it okay to just flirt with a lot of guys even if some of them are younger than you?

I don't think that you should flirt with guys younger cause I like a guy that is older so that I can trust and love them. It is fine to flirt because flirting is not something that is wrong.

Is it legal to flirt with older guys?

AnswerYeah.AnswerNo of course not! You could flirt with an 100 yr. old and no one would care! It is normal to have feelings for older guys and flirt with them, there more mature for one thing! Just be careful they're not to much older than you.

How do you use 'flirt' in a sentence?

She couldn't help but flirt with him at the party, using her charming smile and witty conversation to catch his attention.

How can i talk my older sibling's friend into doing me?

Try to seduce them. Make them feel like they want you. Try ti flirt. But it might be a little awkward because it your older siblings friend so you should be careful when your siblings are home :)

Why older guys flirt with me?

Guys (of any age) flirt with people they find attractive and want to know if there is mutual interest.

How do you get an older girl in middle school?

flirt, give her things, listen to her, be popular

Why do older girls flirt with younger boys?

That may not be the case, they just think you're a cute little kid, or they have nobody else to flirt with their age

Is it OK to flirt with older boys when you already have a boyfriend?

No, of course its not! if your already doing it, cut it out. your lucky you have a boyfriend, some girls would kill for one! and i am speaking as a single lady. if you wanna be able to flirt with who you want, you have to leave your boyfriend. from pretty-zebra xxx p.s hope you make a good desision

Is Jem ashamed of Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird?

No, Jem and Scout are ashamed of Atticus because he is 50 years old, which atticus is older than all the parents in Scouts and Jems Class

What is the age difference it should be to flirt with an older person?

the age difference should be 30 years

Why harry styles flirt with only who is older than him?

he flirts with younger ones to.... but if he likes older woman more then he does..... :) I LOVE HARRY EDWARD STYLES!!