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no, this website is to demented for your help. Unless you are super smart and would like to answer some questions. if so your help will be greatly thanked.

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Q: Is there anything we can do to help you?
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Is there anything that can be used to help pass a DNA test?

is there anything that can be used to help pass a DNA test

Can you do anything to help pass a nicotine urine test?

is there anything to help pass a nicotine urine test

Does global warming help anything?

No -.-

Will weed help you with song wrighting?

No, weed will not help you with anything in life.

What does you couldn't but help mean?

It means you couldn't do anything else but help

What is practical help?

Anything that is expedient and beneficial.

Do Game help you on games?

They will not help you get through the game or anything like that, but they will help you with making the game work ;-)

How can you help other?

Every one can help others. most of the time, you can just ask someone if they want a hand with anything, of if you can do anything for them. if it's your friends, just be there for them, and help by giving them advice when they need it.

How does the fungi kingdom help the earth?

It doesn't do anything to help it, it just lets it die!!

Was anything invented specifically to help global warming?

There was one thing to help and that is recycling.

Can you help others by donating pet food?

yes anything could help at all

If your hair is damaged will cutting it bald help?

obviously, if you have no hair, it doesnt help anything.