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Yes...Zyprexa (Olanzapine). The bigest problem with it is weight gain.


It depends on what you are taking it for. Abilify is prescribed for schizophrenia, bipolar mania, and recently it has been marketed for depression.

From experience I do not think the feeling produced is in any way similar to zyprexa. Abilify is a partial D2 agonist and zyprexa is a potent D2 antagonist.

From experience abilify = no appetite and akathisia

zyprexa= sedation weight gain

I have been told that the new antipsychotic saphris is very similar to abilify. It looks promising but there is a very high rate of extrapyramidal symptoms (about 20%)

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Q: Is there anything similar to abilify?
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How will abilify effect psilocybin?

It seems that both Abilify and psilocybin have a similar mechanism of action acting both as agonist (shrooms) and partial agonist (abilify) at the 5ht2a receptors, so the shrooms and the abilify together might just give a stronger effect of the tripping experience. It would depend on the dose you're taking of abilify and also how much shrooms you are taking. Do not take my word for this as I am not a professional, just my thoughts on what I have learned from taking abilify and also my experience with taking shrooms. Never done them together though...Good luck!

Can abilify Lexapro and bupropion and clonazapem?

abilify and wellbutrin together

Can you work if you are on Abilify?

Yes, you can work if you take the medication Abilify.

Does abilify contain maoi inhibitors?

does abilify contain maoi

Is there a generic for abilify?

No, it's under patent protection in the US until 2015. There are, however, other antipsychotics that have a similar mechanism of action.

Can I take magnesium and abilify?

Abilify tablets contain magnesium stearate.

Can you take an antidepressant with Vyvanse and abilify?

You would have to be very careful about the Abilify dosage. Abilify is metabolized by an enzyme, CYP 2D6, both Wellbutrin and Prozac inhibits that enzyme. This will result in increased levels of Abilify.

Is abilify an anti psychotic medicine?

Yes, Abilify is an anti-psychotic medication.

What can you expect from Abilify in the treatment for Schizophrenia?

abilify is a great med for the mentally ill.

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Abilify has the capacity to cause an increase in weight

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Yes, Celexa and Abilify are compatible meaning they can be taken together.