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well house wife's should have time to be with there husband

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Q: Is there anything as a professional house wife?
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If the husband who owned a house dies what does the wife inherit?

The house is attached to the real estate. Real property, as opposed to personal property, is land and anything attached to it. The wife owns the land therefore she also owns the house.

Is it professional for your wife's boss to send you a letter about wife's job performance?

No, it is not professional for your wife's boss to send you a letter re your wife's job performance because you are already aware of what she can and cannot do.

What if there was a will and house was deeded to wife upon his death what about the contents of the house?

What if there was a will and the house was deeded to the wife what about the contents of the house?

Rain was falling and the water is about to come into my houseThen there was a husband and wife and two young children who was looking for me and I have invited them into my house mean?

It means get out of the house and into the hands of professional help,suchs as therapy and ghosy busters cuz that family are GHOOOOOOSSTS.

In ancient china if a husband and wife was in public the wife was required to be?

house wife

How do professional blogs differ from personal ones?

Personal are for anything and professional is for buiness

What is the name of the wife in A Doll's House?

the wife's name is Nora

What is professional labor mean?

Professional labour is any professional that will be capable to do anything at times, he or she is an asset to any organization that they are working for.

What is wife's father's house called?

The English language does not have a special term for the house in which a wife's father lives. You would call is, simply, my father-in-law's house.

Can heirs transfer title of house to deceased father's wife?

Yes. They sign a deed conveying their interest in the house to the wife.

Wife signed quite claim to house to husband but can husband leave house to wife?

Yes. The husband would be the sole owner of the property and could leave it to his wife in his will.

How a house wife spends time without getting bored?

She can do pretty much anything a man can do to entertain herself, short of anatomical differences. What exactly she does depends on the individual.