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of course. nose spray is a deadly inhalationism of toxic fluticasone furoate, that is, only if you breathe too hard. it is recommended to breathe after the spray has been applicated to the nasal area. what most people don't know is that your brain locates some of its parts to the top of your nasal airways, avoiding the main airway ventilation portifiatormententa. if the knozzle of the nose spray is too lengthy it may accidentally touch the outer colopoluss of your brain. when this happens, fatal effects may/will follow. so be careful and aware of the harmful and sometimes fatal effects of nose spray.

Another Answer It is not possible to reach the brain with a nasal spray nozzle. They are long enough. The spray itself might be able to reach the brain but not the nozzle. The FDA would not approve the use of nasal sprays if the nozzle were so long as to touch the brain because it would pose a major safety hazard.

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Sure. The very top of inside the nose is separated from the brain by only a very thin piece of bone.

In fact, a number of people have been killed by nose and sinus surgeons who punched through this bone.

The deadly part of it is that the clear liquid surrounding the brain leaks out through the nose, thus 'killing' the brain.

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Only if it breaks the skull between the nasal cavity and the brain.

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Q: Is there any way for a projectile entering the nose to reach the brain?
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