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Only if you've got Allergies

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Q: Is there any bad effect in eating peanut?
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Is eating peanut butter with nuts bad for you?

Eating peanut butter with nuts is not bad for you unless you are allergic to it.

What is some of the side Effect of eating cheese?

Bad gas

You are eating slate pencils from your childhood now you are 24yrs old is that leads to side effects?

very bad effect.

How do bad eating habits effect your skin?

it depends what you mean by bad eating habits, over eating can lead to a person being over-weight, under eating can lead to a person being underweight..

Is peanut butter bad cholesterol?

If you have concerns about peanut butter and the effect it has on cholesterol then the LIVESTRONG website is the place to go. It has options to calculate your ideal cholesterol level as well as the benefits of peanut butter and how to best enjoy it.

What is the effect on skin by eating raw rice?

it is very bad to eat raw rice.

How does eating bad affect you?

Eventually, it has a detrimental effect on your health. You would develop some problems.

Are there any downsides to eating cayenne pepper?

bad for your stomach

How can rancid peanut butter harm you?

Rancid oils taste bad, and contain free radicals, some of which are potentially carcinogenic. The potential for harm is low, however; eating rancid peanut butter probably won't result in a doctor or hospital visit.

What does eating peanut butter and syrup do?

If you have a sore throat it coats it and when you breathe in air, it doesn't make it hurt and feel scratchy. But if you do try syrup and peanut butter together it would probably just taste like a sweeter version of peanut butter. But I am not sure though, but I am sure that it probably wouldn't taste bad,

Does eating peanuts aggravate arthritis?

Yes, peanuts and peanut butter can aggravate arthritis. I was a peanut butter eater all my life, I am now 58. I would have starved to death if nobody had invented peanut butter, it was my main diet many days. Now I cannot eat peanut butter, it aggravates my arthritis. I tried almond butter and it was a lot worst than peanut butter. I find cashews bad too.

Eating carrot in the mornin is good or bad?

Eating carrots at any time is okay as long as you are eating a well balanced diet, carrots can fit into that at any point through out the day.