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  • Pedophilia comes from the Greek for Child and Friendship. The technical term for the modern connotation of pedophilia is paedophilia erotica, or a sexual preference for children.
  • Ephebophilia is the psychological and sexual preference of late pubescents by younger people. Root is ephebos (one who has arrived at puberty) and philia (friendship).
  • Hebephilia is preference for earlier pubescents, teleiophilia, from telios (greek for "full grown")
  • Gerontophilia, from geron (greek for "old man") is preference for the elderly.
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Q: Is there an opposite term to pedophilia referring to an attraction to older people?
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What does pedophiles as clients mean?

This means that they work with people who have pedophilia, a sexual attraction to children.

Do pedophiles ever change their behavior?

Pedophiles are people with a sexual attraction to young children known as pedophilia. As pedophilia is a feeling of sexual attraction and not a behavior, there is no behavior for a pedophilic individual to change unless they are a sexual abuser as well. Experts call such sexual abusers preferential offenders, not pedophiles.

What do all pedophiles have in common?

They have pedophilia, as pedophiles are people with pedophilia. No joke.

Which country has the most pedophiles?

Pedophiles are people with pedophilia, and this question is impossible to answer, as there are no definite figures for how prevalent pedophilia is. Current estimates are that 5% of adolescent and adult males have pedophilia.

Do pedophiles often come from families that already have one in it?

Pedophiles are people with pedophilia, and there is no correlation between family genetic markers and the development of pedophilia. So no, pedophiles do not typically have children who also develop pedophilia.

Is there a mandatory sentence in NH for pedophiles?

As pedophilia is not a crime, and pedophiles are people with pedophilia, there is no mandatory sentence for pedophiles in any state of the United States.

Why is pedophilia considered an illness but not homophilia?

Pedophilia is a mental disorder that drive people to want sex with children. Homophilia is not even a word. Homophobia is a fear of Homosexuals.

Are pedophiles legit?

There are people alive who are pedophiles. Pedophilia is a crime, a pedophile is a criminal.

Are nice and mean adverbs?

No. Both can be adjectives referring to people, and they generally define the opposite types of person: friendly or unfriendly.

What is the opposite of a pedophile?

Attraction to significantly older people is called gerontophilia, and a person who is attracted to significantly older people is called a gerontophile.There is no term for a child who is attracted to an older person, as such attraction is typically seen as insincere, and a mark of confusion or naivety rather than any genuine desire.

What does the word heterosexual mean?

A person with a "heterosexual" orientation is a person who is interested in having a relationship with people of the opposite sex. This contrasts with a person with a "homosexual" orientation, who would be interested in a relationship with people of the same gender. One's sexual orientation is something one is born with, not something that one has the ability to choose.

What is the law regarding pedophiles in Broward County fl?

There is no law against pedophilia in any US state or territory. Pedophiles are people with pedophilia, while sexual abusers are people who have abused children. Each location calls child sexual abuse by a different legal name.