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methamphetamine is sold as a prescription drug under the name Desoxyn, so needless to say prescription meth would test the same as street meth

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Q: Is there a prescription drug that will test identical to meth?
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What prescription drugs will show as methamphetamine in a urine drug test?

Desoxyn WILL show up as meth in a urine test because it is meth. Most of the drugs that throw false positives for meth are OTC preparations that contain pseudoephedrine, the drug meth is made from.

Can a drug test tell that you are taking desoxyn and not street meth?

Not specifically, but if you have a prescription from a doctor for Desoxyn, bring it with you so that the tester can note such on your paperwork.

If tested positive for meth what kind of drug would test positive for meth?


Will green tea make you test positive for meth on your drug test?


You smoked meth and have a drug test in 2 days will you pass if you dont smoke it all the time?

If you smoke meth, it will show up on a drug test. The way to pass a drug test is not to use drugs. Not smoking all the time will just make your drug test ... test positive for drug use.

What legal drug looks like crystal meth in a urine test?

Crystal Meth

Will hydroxyz show as meth on a drug test?

no, it is a antihistamine.

Can you fail a drug test for meth if you have inhaled lye?


Can baking soda pass meth drug test?


Can will clonazepam drug cause a positive result in a ua drug test?

No, it will not show up in an ordinary illegal drug test. Almost all employer drug screens only detect illegal or "street" drugs such as weed, coke, herion, Meth, pcp. It can howerever be detected in a more detailed test which looks for prescription drugs.

If you smoke meth 3 hours before an oral drug test what are the chances of you failing?

You will fail if they test for meth. No question about it.

What drug shows methamphetamine on drug test?

meth . dee dahh derr .