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hydrocortisone, tucks

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Q: Is there a over the counter product similar to analpram?
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Can you buy anything similar over the counter to lansoprazole?

A person can buy a similar product to lansoprazole over-the-counter. One such product is omeprazole or 'Prilosec OTC'. Lansoprazole is also sold over-the-counter as the product 'Prevacid 24 HR'. These medications are for acid reflux and stomach ulcers.

Is there an OTC product similar to the prescriptions Prascion or Novacet?

what does OTC mean? OVER THE COUNTER...

What is similar to clotrimazole over the counter?

what is similar to clotrimazole that i can get over the counter

Are Proactive Solutions available over the counter?

"May retail stores provide an over the counter solution that is similar to proactive if the product is not in stock. However, in many malls and shopping centers there are proactive kiosks. Most stores carry Proactive products in the health and beauty or cosmetic sections."

Can you buy potassium over the counter?

Yes, Potassium supplements are available over the counter. It should be with the vitamins depending on the store. You can ask the Pharmacy for assistance in finding the product.

What quantity of aspirin is contained in most over counter aspirin product?

325 mg.

Which over the counter medical product see a spike in sales after the super bowl?


Over the counter drugs do not cause similar reactions as do many illegal drugs?


What over the counter medical product sees a 20 percent spike after Super Bowl?


Do over the counter pore minimizers work?

Yes, over the counter pore minimizers really do work. Pore minimizers don't really shrink your pores they just give that appearance. So if you use a product to do that they will only look smaller when you are using the product.

Is there an over the counter substitute for Triamcinolone Cream?

Triamcinolone cream is a prescription steroid cream. The most similar over the counter substitute for this is Hydrocortisone cream. Hydrocortisone is also a steroid cream.

Can any over the counter product help with slipping transmission?

Over the counter prescriptions just dull the actual pain your transmission is feeling. Check the fluid in the transmission before pouring anything in it.