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Ipacac and Emetrol are two products we use on children. I used
Emetrol 2 days ago to stop deadly vomiting along with vet treatment

ipacac would have made the dog throw up


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Q: Is there a home remedy for dog ingesting methamphetamines?
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Is there a home remedy or pill to get rid of dog's gas?


What is the simplest home remedy for cough?

If you think you are responsible enough to own a dog, then take the responsibility to take it to the veterinarian. The dog should be checked out.

Does ingesting plants that a dog peed on make you sick?

probably.... lol :)

Is there a home remedy for urinary tract problems in dogs?

Make sure your dog is drinking plenty of water, and if the problem persists, see a vet.

What is a home remedy for constipation in dogs?

You can buy many products or visit the vet. Visiting the vet will be the best bet, because the can give you a prescription medication for your pet.

Will giving a dog Motrin one time hurt it?

If you need to give your dog any type home remedy pain med, it's better to give them, a LOW DOSE ASPIRIN such as BABY ASPIRIN. NOT MOTRIN.

What should I order for my cat and dog?

want to order rescue remedy for myself my cat and my dog what do you suggest

How do you stop hiccups for a dog?

If a teaspoon of sugar works for humans and it does. Could such a remedy hurt trying it on a dog? I think not.

What kind of home remedy can you give dog for vaginal bleeding?

None. Take your dog in to be checked out by your Veterinarian. It could be something as simple as she is in heat or as dangerous as a prolapse of the uterus or a vaginal infection, etc. It is better to be safe than sorry, so take your dog in to be checked out by a Veterinarian.

Is there a home remedy to kill worms in dogs if you live in the Philippines and are over 100 miles away from a vet?

There is no home remedy, however you can get pet medication on the internet delivered to your home. Since we know you have internet access, try Google "Pet Meds" and place an order there. It should be in your hands in under a week. Actually, the NATURAL remedy (which could be considered a home remedy) for worms is crushed white pumpkin seeds. Don't grind them to powder, just crush them until they are small shards. Give your dog between 1 tsp and 2 tbsps (based on size, the first is for a 10 pound dog, the last for one who is 100 pounds) a day for roughly five days. You should see the worms clear up. Good luck, and take care.

Your dog keeps getting yeast infections in his ears and you cant afford to keep going to the Vet Is there a home remedy?

You can try alternating hydrgen peroxide and rubbing alcohol 2 - 3x a day

Is their a home remedy for removing seed ticks from dog?

A good brush or clippers. You could also try bathing the dog with a gentle dog shampoo (always use a shampoo made for dogs) then use a conditioner made for dogs, then try to brush them out gently. You could also take your dog to a professional groomer, if all else fails.