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yo you want a home remedy and i want a bently for dark cricles from a blow i want my rims to glow so understand that i come from the slums where the only safe thing to do is always carry your gun mothers watch their sons die on the streets while the djs make money off of their beats ill bust a cap before dis rap then ill make ur girls butt clap while im countin my stacks dis is the last line and end of my rhyme it brings shivers down your spine

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Q: Is there a home remedy for dark circles from a blow?
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How do you get dark circles from under your eyes home remedy?

By sleeping more.. It's that simple.

What is the best home remedy for dark circles and bags that actually works and is not just a theory?

The best home remedy to get rid of those horrible dark circles is: Take and rag wet with water then stick in the refrigerator. Then while your sleep lay it on your eyes. It may take awhile.

What is the cure for dark circles which are not hereditary?

There is no actual cure for dark circles which are not hereditary. You can however minimize the appearance of dark circles. This can be achieved by applying cold compresses which will help reduce the swelling. You can also help conceal dark circles with a peach based corrector.

What home Remini I can use for dark circles circles my eyes?

Almond oil, cucumbers, and raw potatoes are three popular home remedies for getting rid of dark circles around the eyes. Lemon juice is another popular option.

What are home remedies to help w dark circles under the eyes and does vasoline and loation work?

rub white wine vinegar on the circles

What is a home remedy for ears popping in a person?

hold nose with fingers, and blow out nose with it plugged. or just try and yawn

What is a home remedy for remedy for rash?


Home remedies for eye care?

Puffy eyes and dark circles are common problems that many people face, and there are several natural remedies that can help reduce their appearance. One effective way to reduce puffiness and dark circles is by applying cold compresses to the affected area. This can be done by placing a chilled cucumber slice, tea bag, or cold spoon over the eyes for a few minutes. Another effective remedy is to get plenty of rest and ensure adequate hydration by drinking plenty of water. Additionally, using natural ingredients like aloevera, almond oil, or rose water can also help to soothe the skin and reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. If you’re struggling to get those pesky dark circles under control or want to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, look no further Nth Sense’s expert Nutritionist Provided a solution on how to remove dark circles and puffy eyes before the wedding.

What home remedy can help you get pregnant faster?

There is not a home remedy to help anyone get pregnant faster.

What home remedy for scaresno kil?

home remedy for scaresno kil is by using coconut oil.

How do you use home remedy in a sentence?

My homemade macaroni and cheese is awesome!

Home remedy for dark spots on your face through home remedy?

Check out this link.