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not really. no

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Q: Is there a difference between how a boy and a girl make friends?
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What is the difference between school and work?

School is a place of learning new things and workis a place you go to get money and make new friends. That is the difference.

Ho to make out the difference between virgin and non virgin girl?

The difference , is a virgin has never had sex or sexual contact with a male or a female.

Should you ask a girl out if you know your friends will make fun of you for it?

if your friends are really your friends they wont laugh

How do you make a girl you like and friends with love you?

be normal

How you make friends with girl?

be intrested in the same stuff as her

How do you make a 12 year old girl who is kinda sad because of friends cheer up?

Ha!! this is easy! if her friends are the same age then hang out with the sad girl and make her even happier than her friends make her. soon her friends will get jealous and talk to her again.

What is the difference between a manufacturer and make?

There is no difference

Who were Amelia Earhart's friends?

As a girl, she was known as the girl in brown shoes who walks alone, and she did not make friends easily. As an adult, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was counted among Amelia's friends.

How can pit bulls be useful for people?

They can be great companions, and protectors, because that is what they were bread for... but make sure you teach your dog a the difference between threats and friends.

Why are friends unable to make decisions for one another?

Friends are unable to make decisions for one another. It is because of the difference in views some friends have got.

If a girls friends dont like you and you think the girl might what do you do?

be friends with girl and not her friends friend or you could try and make her friends like you more. If that doesn't work, just don't worry about it, if the girl really likes you, it won't matter what her friends think. Hope this helps!

If you are an uncool preteenboy how do you pick up a cool preteen girl?

Join a club, make friends with the new girl at school, find a friends friend