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my arms have been falling asleep while I'm sleeping for the past week every time i go to sleep. even if its only a short nap or if i sleep on my back. I recently stopped eating meat and wonder if that could be the cause

I have had this numbing and tingling problem on and off for years when I'm sleeping as well and have found that whenever it starts up again I take "Circulation Blend SP-11B" by Solaray, 2capsules 1 to 3 times a day depending on how severe it is for a few weeks and it goes away for several months before coming back. One can take it always of course to avoid it from coming back. All natural and just helps to circulate blood through the body. Good luck!

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Best go to the doctor to get checked. It can be linked to Diabetes so best be safe.

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Q: Is there a diagnosis for someone whos arms fall asleep as soon as they lie down?
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