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Yes, there is a cure for edema. Lasix or Furosemide is a kind of drug that intends to cure acute pulmonary edema and other edema types that usually cause swelling. Furosemide works effectively by excreting the unwanted water or body fluids in a patient's body; but actually, these swellings are just indirect effects from some major body ailments such as renal diseases, congestive heart failures and may more.

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Q: Is there a cure for edema?
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How do you assess pitting edema?

Pitting edema is edema severe enough to leave a dent when pressed with a finger. Pitting edema is assessed by pushing gently with a finger and evaluating the response. Mild is a one plus, moderate is a two plus, deep is a three plus, and very deep is a four plus.

What is a phlebotropic drug?

edema protecting drug

What is gross edema?

In medicine and nursing the term "gross" is intended to mean "big as seen by the naked eye". Edema has two types: regular "edema" and "pitting edema". "Pitting" edema is when I press my finger onto the edema and when I remove my finger, the skin stays pressed in, it it "pitting". Typically, edema should be measured, with a measuring tape, rather than using a subjective word like "gross" (i.e. big). What looks "big and obvious" to me may look different to you. So, especially in pitting edema, we use +1, +2, +3 -- OR-- we use a measurement and measure both sides, say both ankles, for comparison. If one ankle measures 15inches and the other measures 17.2 inches, that shows one angle is much more swollen than the other. One tip: Doctors are more apt to use words like "gross edema" or "grossly obese". Nurses measure more than doctors.

Do medical leeches help reduce edema?


How is edema caused by fluid overload?

Edema is not so much about fluid overload in the body than a specific area getting, or accumulating, more than other areas. The fluid in our bodies is managed by the lymphatic system, and if it is blocked, or perhaps overloaded in a specific part of the body, then edema, or swelling of fluid, develops.

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