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Yes, it may be different depending on mineral content. Pure water boiling point- 212 degrees Fahrenheit

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Q: Is there a boiling point for tap water?
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What is the boiling point of tap water?


Can it possible fr tap water to start boiling below boiling point of water?

Tap water has a boiling point in any given conditions. You cannot alter the boiling point. You can alter the temperature at which it boils, by changing the ambient pressure for instance. Tap water boils at its boiling point. It cannot boil at any other point.

Does pure water and tap have the same freezing and boiling point?

In scholastic provisions yes. In reality, no. the elements in tap water would most likely increase the boiling point, but it would be very insignificant.

Why is the boiling point of ocean water higher than the boiling point of tap water?

Ocean water contains a number of solutes. The addition of any solute to pure water raises its temperature.

How does the boiling point in degrees Celsius of a saltwater solution compare to the boiling point of normal tap water?

The boiling point of salt water will be higher - whichever scale is used to measure the temperature. How much higher will depend on the amount of salt that is dissolved in the water.

Does boiled water make tap water cleaner?

The boiling point of tap water is higher than that of distilled water because tap water contains many minerals and bacteria that have higher boiling points than of water in its natural state and thus they collectively increase the boiling point of water. I would suggest researching the boiling points of substances in tap water such as nitrate, chlorine, fluoride, led, etc. because these substances are not in distilled water.

Does sea water boil at higher temperature than tap water and why?

Yes. Dissolved substances increased the boiling point.

Why tap water evaporates so fast?

Impurities in water lower the rate of evaporation because impurities increase the boiling point.

How does frozen pure water behave?

Pure water has a freezing temperature of 0 degrees and a boiling temperature of 100 degrees, unlike tap water which has impurities that can alter it's freezing and boiling point

What is the boiling point of water in celseis?

what is the boiling point of water

Which water will evaporate the fastest tap fresh or salt?

If you think strictly to evaporation differences are not significant.If you think to boiling the boiling point is higher for solutions containing dissolved substances as saline water.

What is the boiling point of distilled water?

The boiling point of distilled water seems to be 100 degrees celcius, based on the previous web sites I have seen. Tap water has more minerals, so it has a higher boiling point- 101 degrees Celsius. Salt water does not have a specific boiling point because the temp. is based on how mush salt there is. more salt=higher temp.I hope this helped because I am doing a paper on this and I have to know my stuff!