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English became the national language of California. Some may argue that they should be able to express themselves freely in their own foreign tongue. Silver-tonged English speakers may find the greatest accomplishments in life. Often times the most rewarding experiences are brought forth to those who speak in fluent English such as great Job Applications, interviews, and fluid communication among others. Whether people are communicating with other community members, professionals, professors, or acquaintances, the regular use of English is essential for clarity and understanding. On the other hand, inarticulate English speakers may face the most burdensome struggles that they must overcome just to find acceptance in the American society. Those who lack English proficiency may be falsely looked down upon as unintelligent. As poor communication continues they will be degraded and undermined in the social community. Overtime this may completely restrict them from reaching their desired future goals. If foreign speakers are continuously discouraged from using their language in public, this will only contribute to the loss of cultural identity - an identity that originated from ancestors in the past that will be almost impossible to gain once lost.

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Q: Is the spread of English a good or a bad thing?
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