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yea cuz pip an' estelluh go hold HANDS at da end of da libro. the hold hands mean they friends. best buddiezz. cool story broski... they no mad at each other no more.

A lot of detailed analysation. Pip and Estella's relationship resolvement is your opinion.

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Q: Is the relationship between Pip and estella resolved if so how?
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Is the relationship between Pip and Estella resolved?

In Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations," the relationship between Pip and Estella is left somewhat ambiguous and open to interpretation. While there is a suggestion of reconciliation and a possibility of a future together, the ending is not definitive about their relationship status.

What incident occurs between pip and the pale young gentlemen include its effect on Estella?

because pip and estella founhght, estella started to have a feeling to pip:immature-ness. After this incident, Estella started to dislike him forever and throughout the sdtory.

What do Pip and Estella do with their time While waiting for a carriage to take them to Surrey Richmound?

During their wait, Pip and Estella engage in casual conversation about their surroundings and their thoughts. Estella expresses her feelings about their brief time together and shares her perspective on their past. Similarly, Pip reflects on their relationship and contemplates the future.

What can be concluded from this passageMiss Havisham and Estella were too busy to visit with Pip.Miss Havisham and Estella didn't like Pip.Miss Havisham and Estella owed Pip some money.Miss Havisham and Estella weren't expecting Pip?

Miss Havisham and Estella were too busy to visit with Pip.

What did estella tell Pip that greatly upset him?

Estella tells Pip that she is going to marry Drummle. Pip is greatly upset by this news because he is in love with Estella and was hoping to have a future with her.

How does Pip learn that Estella is on her way to London?

Pip learns that Estella is on her way to London through a letter from Jaggers informing him of her impending arrival. Jaggers, who is Estella's guardian, notifies Pip that she will be coming to London to visit him.

Before Pip left Miss Havisham's yard whom did he kiss?

Pip kissed Estella.

The relationship between pip and his sister?

How could the relationship between Pip and Biddy be described?

What new character and conflict are intoduced in chapter 15 of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens?

In Chapter 15 of "Great Expectations," the character of Bentley Drummle is introduced as Pip's rival for Estella's affections. The conflict arises as Pip becomes increasingly jealous of Drummle's relationship with Estella, leading to tension between the two characters.

Who wrote this note to Pip?


What can be inferred from the information in this passageMrs. Brandley did not like Pip.Estella disliked Pip.Estella did not like Mrs. Brandley.Pip was jealous?

From the information in the passage, it can be inferred that there are negative feelings between Mrs. Brandley and Pip, as well as between Estella and Pip. Additionally, Estella does not have a positive opinion of Mrs. Brandley. Pip's feelings of jealousy are also implied.

What did Estella do to Pip when he responded to her question about whether or not she was insulting?

Estella slapped Pip across the face in response to his question about her insult.