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world health organization

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Q: Is the organization that reviews and certifies websites to protect consumers from misleading health information?
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Laws that implemented the consumers' right to be informed forbid?

misleading advertising

What do you need to become a flooring contractor?

If you're already familiar with the industry, then you may want to check out They are an independent organization that certifies floorcovering professionals across the United States.They offer many different types of certifications, and referrals to consumers as well.

Are avertisements boring useless and misleading?

Not all advertisements are boring, useless, or misleading. Some advertisements can be entertaining, informative, and help consumers make informed decisions about products or services. It is important to critically evaluate advertisements and consider the source of the information before forming an opinion.

Violations of consumers' rights may result in legal action Which of these is an example of a violation of consumers' rights?

An example of a violation of consumers' rights is false advertising, where a company makes misleading or deceptive claims about their products or services. This can lead to legal action if consumers are harmed as a result of the false information provided.

When does the FTC consider advertising to be false?

The FTC considers advertising to be false if it contains misleading or deceptive information that is likely to deceive consumers. This includes false claims about a product's features, benefits, or performance, as well as any material information that is omitted or obscured in a way that could mislead consumers.

Is Mexican yam considered a natural progesterone?

The marketing campaign has drawn criticism and controversy for misleading consumers.

Companies want to collect information about consumers because they?

want to advertise more effectivley

What do consumer advocates do on behalf of consumers?

Consumer advocates help to educate consumers about their rights to prevent corporate abuses like predatory lending, misleading advertising, or other dangerous corporate practices.

What is the purpose of sales organization?

The purpose of a sales organization includes being responsible for selling services and goods to customers or consumers. They generate revenue for the organization.

What are some of today's hot topics related to information security?

People are becoming increasingly concerned that others are monitoring their online activities. From the NSA to Facebook, it seems that nearly every organization with something to gain is mining information from citizens and consumers.

Why do companies collect information about consumers?

Because they want to effectively advertise to consumers

Who was leading progressive organization advocating prohibition of liquor?

The National Consumers League.