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Yes , a CNA or Certified nursing assistant does all the "dirty work " per say, they are below a nurse in the level of work they do, usually a CNA does the feeding, grooming, cleaning up after, and care of the Patient. And nurses don't "hover" over a CNA they are just there to make sure work is being done properly.

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Q: Is the nursing assistant performs basic patient care and is under the supervision of the RN true or false?
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Can a nursing assistant monitor vital signs in a conscious sedation patient under the supervision of an RN?

It depends on your facility's regulations. Some places require that an RN monitor a patient's vitals while under sedation because of the risk of complications. Most nurses will do their patient's vitals after they return from surgery to make sure the patient is stable.

How would a nursing assistant deal with a uncooperative patient?

approach the patient with empathy and try to understand the reason of uncooperative or hostile behavior

Do you know what a Cna Program?

cna means Certified Nurse Assistant.As a certified nursing assistant, you'll be on the front lines of patient care. While "nursing assistant" may not be the most glorified job title in a hospital or nursing care facility, it's certainly one of the most vital to daily operations. Your compassion and skill in patient care will help minimize the stress of those who are sick or unable to care for themselves.Certified nursing assistants (CNAs), also known as nurses' aides, orderlies, patient care technicians, and home health aides, work under the supervision of a nurse to provide assistance to patients with daily living tasks.

Certified Nursing Assistant Training Classes?

Certified nursing assistants do not have the easiest job and they do not make the most money for what they do. The classes are taught very quickly. Lessons are gone over in one class and tested on in the next. One of the requirements for being a nursing assistant is sympathy for the patient they care for. If there is no compassion for others, there is no reason to be a nursing assistant. The nursing assistant is one of the first people that patients will see if they live in a nursing home. They bring the patient their breakfast and help them to eat their meal. The morning rounds start early for many nursing assistants. They are given between 10 and 12 patients to care for during the day, depending on the size of the facility they work in. After all of the patients have had breakfast, the trays are picked up by the assistants. Each patient is cared for one at a time unless there is an emergency with someone else. The assistant will begin with the first person on their list. As they enter the room, they need to wear gloves and have a mask if there is anything contagious. Patients who cannot get out of bed on their own need the most help. This is where the nursing assistant will spend most of their time. When a patient is completely dependent on someone else to take care of them, the nursing assistant needs to have the most patience. The patient will be placed in a wheelchair while the assistant changes the sheets and blankets on their bed. Hospital corners and clean sheets must be used at all times when changing beds. The patient will then be taken to the shower room and given a bath by the assistant. Clothing will be chosen for the patient to wear that day. Sometimes the patient can pick their own clothes and all the assistant has to do is help them get dressed. The assistant continues this pattern all day until they see their last patient.

What is physical therapy?

A Physical Therapy Aide is a person who works under close supervision of a physical therapist or physical therapy assistant and performs only delegated, selected, or routine tasks in specific situations. These duties include preparing the patient and the treatment area.

The Benefits of Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant?

A certified nursing assistant is vital to the operations of any hospital, clinic, nursing home, or other setting that involves patient care. The nursing assistant interacts directly with patients to make sure they are comfortable and well cared for. It is a rewarding career for anyone who likes to care for people. Set the Tone for Each Patient’s Experience As a certified nursing assistant, you are the first person that a patient will meet when they are admitted to a health institution. You get the chance to make the patient feel welcome and ease any tension that he or she may have about entering the hospital or home. As a nursing assistant, you spend more time with each patient than anyone else on the medical staff. You have the ability to provide the patient with a sense of confidence in the staff through your professional and caring demeanor. Learn Fundamental Nursing Skills While Earning Your RN Anyone who is pursuing a nursing career should consider beginning as a certified nursing assistant. The position doesn’t require as much training as a nursing position, and it gives you practical experience in a medical setting. You can earn a comfortable salary while you work your way through your nursing classes. Working as a certified nursing assistant can also provide you with a level of training that you can’t expect from a classroom. You will work with real patients in a real medical institution, and you will be able to take that experience into your nursing career when you finish your training. Provide Comfort The most important job of a certified nursing assistant is to provide comfort for patients. The doctors and registered nurses have technical duties to perform with each patient, but as a nursing assistant you get to make sure that the patient’s physical comforts are met. Caring for people while they are in a vulnerable condition can be very rewarding, and offers far more than a simple paycheck. You will gain the satisfaction that you were able to put someone at ease and make a direct difference in their lives on a daily basis. If you like making people comfortable, you will make an excellent certified nursing assistant.

What is physical therapy aide?

A Physical Therapy Aide is a person who works under close supervision of a physical therapist or physical therapy assistant and performs only delegated, selected, or routine tasks in specific situations. These duties include preparing the patient and the treatment area.

When should a nursing assistant use standard precautions?

Standard precautions must always used when delivering patient care.

Can pac administer medication to patient?

Like a patient care aide or a certified nursing assistant? Yes, in some states they are allowed to administer certain medications after they obtain additional certification.

What does a Physical Therapist Assistant do?

"A physical therapist's assistant helps the physical therapist with patient care. They may supervise routines, instruct patients in how to preform exercises and other duties all under the supervision to the PT."

Obtaining a Nursing Assistant Certificate?

A career as a nursing assistant provides individuals with exciting, challenging work and plenty of job opportunities. Nursing assistants perform a variety of duties in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, such as making beds, cleaning rooms, and assisting patients with eating, dressing, and bathing. Depending on the employer, a nursing assistant may take a patient's temperatures, blood pressure and pulse rate. Nursing assistants typically work under the direct supervision of a registered nurse. Individuals interested in a career as a nursing assistant can also pursue the nursing assistant certificate. Nursing assistants benefit tremendously in their careers by becoming certified.Education RequirementsMany vocational schools and community colleges offer nursing assistant programs. Common topics covered in the program include basic nutrition, communication skills, personal care skills, and anatomy and physiology. Some nursing assistant programs include an internship, which allows students to gain on-the-job training. Some employers that take on students as interns choose to hire them as full-time employees once the internship is completed.CertificationThe most common designation for nursing assistants is the Certified Nursing Assistant designation. The requirements for certification vary per state. Federal law requires nursing assistants who desire to work in a nursing home to complete 75 hours of training approved by their State. Most states require individuals to pass a written exam before receiving certification. After complete the requirements for a nursing assistant certificate, individuals are listed in a State registry for nursing assistants.Employment OpportunitiesThe Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that nursing assistant jobs will grow by 18 percent through 2018. Nursing assistants with certifications will experience the most employment opportunities. An increase in the number of seniors placed in nursing homes and advancements in modern medicine play a role in the significant increase in employment opportunities. Nursing assistants who desire advancement in their careers typically need additional training, but a career as a nursing assistant provides many individuals an opportunity to work in the healthcare industry.

What is a PCT in the medical field?

A PCT in the medical field is intially called a Patient Care Technician, they are basically a certified nursing assistant but the difference is that they work in a hospital and they do phlebotomy and ekgs. They have more expereince than a CNA would have who workes in a nursing home who only does patient care.