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Q: Is the mesentary is a fused double layer of the parietal peritoneum?
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What is a fused double layer of the parietal peritoneum?

The mesentery is a fused double layer of the parietal peritoneum that attaches parts of the intestine to the interior abdominal wall.

What is a fused peritoneum with transversalis fascia?

Inferiorly, the medial portion of the fused internal oblique and transversus aponeuroses ... The fascia on the internal surface of the transversus abdominis serves as ... fascia separates the rectus abdominis muscle from the parietal peritoneum.

What bones are held together by immovable bones?

The cranial bones e.g. parietal, frontal, temporal and occipital. They are fused together by sutures which do not allow movement and are known as fixed or immovable joints

What floral parts are represented by eyes of pineapple?

Pineapple is a composite type of fruit. The eyes represent a total flower. Thus many eyes contribute to form the whole fruit of Pineapple. Corn seed also it is a fruit where all the fruit coverings are fused to form the integument. Placentation may be parietal. Bitter gourd seed is with parietal placentation.

What is a benzobarrelene?

A benzobarrelene is any hydrocarbon whose structure is that of a benzene ring fused with a double bond of barrelene.

How can you melt fused silica?

Fused silica has 2 meanings: previously fused silica and presently fused silica. Previously fused silica is fused by heating it to its melting point. This can be done in crucible in a furnace. Presently fused silica is already hot and fused. Note: melted silica is probably a conductor, at least melted glass is a conductor.

Difference between calcium chloride and fused calcium chloride?

The difference of calcium chloride and fused calcium chloride is the bond acting on their molecules. The fused calcium chloride is fused while the calcium chloride is not fused.

How many number of petals does petunia have?

They normally have 5 although they are fused. Some varieties have double petals, although these are not very popular

What is the difference between quartz and fused silica?

Fused silica is an engineering-quality, amorphous version of quartz. Source:

What is the age of someone whose lambdoidal and sagittal sutures are fused but the coronal sutures are not fused?

The person is from ages 32-50 when the lambdoidal and sagittal sutures are fused but the coronal sutures are not fused.

What are fused heterocyclic compounds?

Fused heterocylic compounds is a heterocylic compound (eg. Furan) fused with another ring which can be either a carbon ring (benzene) or can be fused with another heterocylic ring(Pyridine,Pyrrole,...etc). Fused heterocyclics can be either 2 fused rings,3 rings or more. From the famous examples on fused heterocylic compounds: -Heroin -Indole -Morphine -Carbazole

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Bat digits aren't fused. The ulnar and radius is fused but the digits are separate, the digits in the forelimb are linked by a membrane called chiropatagium. In case you were referring to the metacarpals and phalanges they're not fused.