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It seems to be most common for the husband to be buried on the left, and the wife on the right.

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Q: Is the husband buried to the left or right of the wife?
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Should husband seat his wife on his left or right?


Is the man on the left or right side when buried with wife?

There doesn't seem to be an agreed-upon, hard-and-fast "rule" about this. Some are positive the man is on one side, others are sure the opposite is true, many don't care and many more aren't even aware it's something to consider. However, I go along with the those who say that a wife is buried at her husband's left, as when they walked down the aisle at their wedding....the wife on her husband's left arm when they began their life together and at her husband's left when they leave this life.

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In Tennesse if wife left state can husband sell furniture and move on with his life?

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Unless there was a pre nuptial agreement, then the husband has the right for the truck. If your wife agrees to followed up by some legal papers, then its better. If the wife is dead, her belongings is left to the husband unless there is a will.

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No, not until he is dead.

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Mary Todd Lincoln was Abraham Lincoln's wife between the years 1842 and 1865. She died at the age of 63, and was buried next to her husband.

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i think that it is rude to the wife because this is a freind to the married couple the both would like to celebrate together. And if the husband is tied up with one of the bridesmaids the wife will feel left out and excluded

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no because if the wife doesn't want to have sex, it can be classed as rape

What is wife entitled to if husband's sister left him 50.000?

If the sister left the husband 50,000 in her will. Then she gets nothing of that 50,000 unless he decides to share or the sister wrote for her to get a portion.