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well the corgi is very good dog breed. very good very good. i have a few

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Q: Is the corgi a good breed of dog?
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How does a corgi move?

A corgi is a breed of dog, so will move using four legs.

What is the queen's favourite breed of dog?

wouldn't it be the Corgi coz she has two of em or sumtin

What is the Queen's favourite animal?

A dog breed known as corgis, and horses.

What breed do corgi belong?

Corgi IS a breed.

Is corgi a proper noun?

The noun 'corgi' is a common noun, a word for a breed of herding dog. The type of corgi named for its region of origin is a proper noun: Welsh corgi Penbroke corgi (or Pembroke Welsh corgi) Cardigan Welsh corgi

What small dog breed is shorthaired and easy to train?

Here is a few short haired breed that is easy to train, the toy Poodle, Corgi, and if you go a bit bigger then the corgi the Australian Cattle Dog is also a great dog as well.

Are huskys the 11th smartest dog breed?

No, the pembroke welsh corgi or brittany is the 11th smartest breed

What is a corgi mix?

There are two two types of Corgis, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and the Cardigan Corgi. Both of these dogs are from Wales. Corgis are the cutest type of dog you could get. They are very nice with children and adults. Corgis can also be trained into therapy dogs.

What breed of dog is sledge from the Homeward Bound movie?

Sledge is a dog that starred in Homeward Bound II. He is a mixed breed dog with a mix of corgi and collie.

What breed of dog is the queen most famous for?

I'm pretty sure it's the Corgi (:

Which breed of dog is the queen fond of?

Corgis. Pembroke corgis, the tailless kind.

What type of dog breed does kendra wilkinson own?

Rascal is a corgi. Martini is a jack russel.