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Q: Is the arch of the navel usually firm?
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What are navel vessels?

Naval (please note spelling) vessels are usually taken to be the military vessels of a nation. Navel = belly button.

What is the navel of a killer whale?

the navel of a killer whale is just like the navel of any other mammal. usually you can see it right in the middle of the orca's belly toward the bottom between where the black sides wrap around.

What is the scientific name for eyebrows?

It is called eyebrow piercing. There is no scientific or medical term other than the generic "body modification."

Can you leave your navel piercing in when pregnant?

Despite what most people say, you indeed can leave your navel in while pregnant! You need to buy a navel retainer, usually made of a hard rubber for pregnancy piercing jewelry, but almost any type of retainer will do.

If a firm's product is perishable where is the firm usually located?

It's near its consumers

If a firm product is perishable where is the firm usually located?

It's near its consumers

What do you call a group of belly buttons?

# Navel Academe # Navel Maneuvers # Navel Operation # If on a lake or ocean it would be a Navel Flotilla

When a cat is pregnant is the stomach firm?


Why is a navel orange called navel orange?

Its end looks like a navel, which is a bellybutton

What does more damage to a Pokemon emerald game warping to navel rockor getting the ticket to navel rock?

Most likely a ticket cheat because you also have to have an enabler cheat which usually don't even work.

How many sections in a grapefruit?

The name comes from Sanskrit, it means 5 and 6 ( total 11). In most common oranges usually there are 11, in navel oranges I counted 10 and a very small section in the navel.

What does Navel mean?

A Navel is your belly button.