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Q: Is the ability to do activities for more than a few minutes?
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Oxidative glycolysis is reliable for?

Physical activities lasting more than 2 minutes in duration

Non-oxidative glycolysis is reliable for?

Physical activities lasting for more than 2 minutes

When someone is a few minutes late how many minutes is that?

Few is usually more than 2. If someone is more than 5 minutes late, it is more than a "few."

Who carries on more activities an organ or a system?

A system carries on more activities than a organ.

Is 25min and 36 sec more than 25 minutes?

25 minutes and 36 seconds is 36 seconds more than 25 minutes.

Examples of ability to do the work without more than normal supervision?

Ability to do the work of the position without more than normal supervision:

What are characteristics of people who are more flexible than others?

they can do more activities

How long is 427 minutes?

Not more, nor less, than 427 minutes!

Are wrestling matches 3 minutes?

Most of the matches are more than 3 minutes.

What activities does Election fraud involve?

Intentionally voting more than once

Why patience is important in fraction?

It is no more important than in other activities.

What are activities for more than two that begin with k?

kick ball