Is the MP44 used anymore

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The (Christian Phalangist) Lebanese Forces militia lists the StG44 in their weapons inventory still.

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Q: Is the MP44 used anymore
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Which airsoft gun is best cybergun Thompson agm mp40 or schmeisser mp44?

Agm mp44 by far.

Was the mp44 used in world war 2?

Yes, most certainly, on the Eastern Front. The German soldiers loved the weapon and could not get enough. 426000 were produced, mostly of the production variant StG44 (MP44 was an earlier designation).

Is there a mp44 in cod4 campaign?

No, there is not. Singleplayer only.

What is the difference between stg and the mp44?

Not a thing. StG was just a more literal name for the MP44 (the StG prefix stands for Sturmgewehr, and MP stands for maschinenpistole).

Where can one purchase an MP44?

An MP44 can be found for purchase online from various websites, an example of which being an auction website called Gun Broker. One can also check local advertisement listings or gun stores in their area. There are also Gun forum websites that provide local advice for anyone wishing to purchase an MP44.

What was the most popular gun during world war 2?


Did Germans use mp30s in World War 2?

No MP38, MP40, MP44

What was the German machine gun?

Stermgewehr. Also known as the Mp44 and the Stg-44

Is the wunderwaffle DG-2 real?

No but there is a similar design In WWll it was suppose to be used to kill the allies but the wunderwaffle can kill the person in front of you and you as also, it was built in to the MP44 or others say STG-44

How much is a Sturmgewehr MP44 worth?

$20,000 USD original $500 USD reproduction semi auto

Why is bronze used for weapons?

its not. it used to be. but its not anymore.

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