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Telling white lies is harmful to the society. A healthy society needs mutual trust and cooperation among its members.

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Q: Is telling white lies harmful to society?
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Are white lies white?

White lies are little lies, white lies are those fibs that are thought to be less harmful than the truth."White lies" are minor untruths told to save someone's feelings or to be polite.An example is telling someone they look OK in an outfit when you truly don't like the clothing. You don't want to admit this because it is not worth making the person feel bad.

What kind of figure of speech is white little lies?

Little white lies are minor mistruths. Such as telling mommy that you brushed your teeth when in fact you didn't.

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It means "lies" as a noun - as in "you are telling lies".

Why is a white lie called a white lie?

all lies are bad there is no good lie. i hope no one tells lies because when every one goes to hell you will get punished for all lies. there is no need to tell lies if some one does not believe you and you are telling the truth then let them because as long as you tell the truth you may not like it hear because there might be a probable but believe me you will get rewarded by God. you will get rewarded with blessings and happiness. when you go to Haven you will get rewarded with every thing you ever wished for. i hope you have learnt a lesson and will not tell any lies.

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white lies mean small lies<3

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