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Telling someone "Watch your back," is a warning. It may or may not be a threat. If you say, "If you do business with Sam, "Watch your back." You are warning him that Sam is dangerous. If you say, "I don't like the way you treated me. Watch your back." You are making a threat.

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Q: Is telling someone to watch their back a threat?
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Is telling someone to watch his back a threat?

It can be Howeverthe term is more likely to be used by a third party warning you of a threat.

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In the movie "The Good Shepherd," the phrase "tie your shoe" is a code meaning to be cautious or to watch your back. It is used as a warning to someone that they may be in danger or that there is a potential threat nearby.

If you tell someone to watch their back tonight and then you dont do anything can they press charges?

There is probably more to this situtation than is being disclosed, but on the face of it - this statment by itself, does not rise to the level of a threat or harassment. HOWEVER - if it was part of a pattern of continuing abuse, it could be part of such a charge.

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