Is swallowing seamen unhealthy

Updated: 9/11/2023
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Swallowing seamen is not unhealthy at all. As a matter of fact, its full of protein, look up the exact percentage.

Studies have shown a possible reduction of occurrence of breast cancer for women who swallow semen regularly.

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Q: Is swallowing seamen unhealthy
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Can you get sick from swallowing too much seamen?

No swallowing seamen will not cause you diarrhea.

Is swallowing sperm unhealthy?

As long as the person doesn't have a STD, then it is not unhealthy.

What happens if a boy eats sperm of a girl?

Swallowing semen from a disease-free male during sex is generally safe. There is nothing unhealthy about swallowing unless the person has an STD.

Is eating seaman good for you and why?

Eating SEAMEN is considered cannibalism.SEMEN can allegedly fight depression and high blood pressure. Check it out here -, it's not eating, it's swallowing.

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