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Q: Is suspension the same as an inhaler?
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Is a nebulizer the same as an inhaler?

no, an inhaler is a handheld device, while a nebulizer is larger. They can both deliver the same medications, but a nebulizer delivers them in constant stream while an inhaler only does puffs.

Can you use asmanex inhaler with Albuterol inhaler on a 5 yr old?

I have the same thing and my docter told me that they were two different inhalers and can be used together.

Are shocks and struts the same as a suspension?

They are part of the suspension.

Does ProAir inhaler react with Nebulizer Albuteral?

Albuterol is the active ingredient and can be used either with an inhaler or through a nebulizer. it will do the same thing but just through a different mechanism. My son does better through the nebulizer as more of the medicine gets to his lungs but would be ok through an inhaler for an older person who understands better how to inhale it through the inhaler.

I don't have asthma but my doctor perscribed an inhaler Will the inhaler cause me to get asthma?

No, if you use an inhaler it will not cause you to get asthma.

How is a suspension different from a colloid?

Suspension has particles, same as colloids. However, the particles in a suspension do not settle down but if is no so for the colloid.

Is amphetamine in ventolin inhaler?

I'm about a Ventolin inhaler but in an Albuterol inhaler the only things in it are Ventolin ethanol and oliec acid

What do green and orange inhalers do?

When having an asthma attack the green inhaler is a Respritory Inflantational inhaler. When you run out of breath and can't breath in, this inhaler helps make that possible.The orange inhaler is a Pulmanary Ventalation inhaler that help relax your lungs in order to breath out.

What aid can you use if you forget your inhaler?

What aid can you use if your forget your inhaler?

Is Nicorette available in inhaler form?

No Nicorette is not available in inhaler form. There are however, some other brands that offer products in inhaler form.

When was Inhaler - song - created?

Inhaler - song - was created on 2010-11-19.

When was Inhaler - album - created?

Inhaler - album - was created on 1993-10-19.