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Continuous straightening will dry your hair out and add frizz, so it's best to use a conditioner (leave-in or rinse-out) regularly (but not every day) and take a break from straightening some days too. Some flat irons have coatings that will help reduce the whole drying-hair-out thing too. Also, you may, if you have blonde hair, and straighten it too much, burn it, and it will become darker. This is only if you straighten your hair every day, and you keep the straightener on for a long time. It will also make you get split ends faster than normal.

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Q: Is straightening your hair bad for you?
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Is straightening your hair bad?

of course

Is straightening or curling bad for your hair?

Yes If you already have damage it

Why is straightening your hair bad for you?

its not bad but if you do it all the time you can burn your hair and it will make you get spit ends more faster

What is better for your hair straightening it or Brazilian straightening it?


Which is better on your hair an hair straightening iron or those hair straightening kits?

The straightening iron will probably do less damage to your hair than a straightening kit. The straightening kit contains chemicals, but a straightener is just heat.

Does straightening hair damage the color?

Straightening hair does not damage color if one follows the straightening directions. For frequently asked questions about hair straightening visit

What are the advantages and disadvantages of permanently straightening hair?

An advantage of permanently straightening hair is that it saves time. Potential disadvantages of permanently straightening hair is that is can cause hair to dry out, split, or be prone to frizz.

Could Brazilian hair straightening damage the hair?

Any type of hair straightening can damage your hair. ECPESIALLY Brazilian hair straightening. It's important to not use too many hot things on your hair but, beauty pays a price right?

What are some of the ways to do permanent hair straightening?

There are many ways to do permanent hair straightening. Some of the ways to do permanent hair straightening includes using the EasyStraight hair system, using the KertatinPerfect hair system, and undergoing salon treatments.

Is it bad to straighten your hair everyday?

Straightening hair daily can cause hair to fry/burn, which is not good for it. Unless you use heat protection spray, try not to straighten hair daily.

What hair straightening techniques are known?

At home you can use a blow dryer or straightening iron. If you go to the hair salon however, you can get a blow out or Brazilian or Japanese straightening.

Is Brazilian hair straightening good for your hair?

Brazilian hair straightening is believed to be good for your hair. However, you can confirm with a professional hair expert on which particular type suits your hair.