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Yes, it can mean the same thing.

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Q: Is stopping and quitting the same thing?
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Hink pink for 'quitting buying presents'?

stopping shopping

Is ringing in the ears a potential side effect of quitting smoking?

Generally not. If ringing in the ears has occurred at the same time as stopping smoking, this is more likely to be concidental than not.

What is relentlessly means?

Relentless -- Without stopping or in some instances, without pausing as well. also without quitting.

Is Korean big bang's TOP quitting?

no!! TOP is involved in some other activities but he's not quitting. same as g-dragon.

Can you reverse signs of aging from quitting smoking?

Stopping smoking will not get rid of wrinkles.However, it will allow you to breath easier, and will make whitening your teeth a winnable battle.

Its okay to be quitter?

Well there's no shame in quitting if you know it's the right thing to do, but if you are quitting because you just don't have any confidence, then you might need to work on that.

Is Croatia stopping using the Croatian Kuna as currency?

No. We don't want Euro, so that same thing happens to us like in Greece.

What is a sentence for quitting?

I am quitting my job

Does quitting smoking affect teeth?

Yes, especially if you smoke regularly, you will have nicotine stains on your teeth and your breath will smell.

What is the duration of Quitting?

The duration of Quitting is 1.87 hours.

What is the word for not quitting?

Persevering is a word that means 'not quitting.'

Why does the author say that for supporters of eradication quitting now would be like running a marathon and stopping 10 feet short of the finish line?

cuz yes uwu fuaaa owo