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no its not they will get mad

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Q: Is stepping on someone's shoe flirting?
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Is it disrespectful to kiss someones shoe?

Yes it is disrespectful to kiss someones shoe, because due to the training that MOM, DAD, and family has taught you it would be an example to the outer world. it is embarrassing.

What does stepping on leprechauns mean?

it may take a while to clean the bottom of your shoe.

Can you find out someones shoe size by a picture?

no. idon't think soo...

What should i say when a guy rubs you using his shoe at your ankle?

smile at him! he's flirting!

Why was he blowing bubbles at you wean you wear at someones wedding and you were talking to your friend?

he was trying to flirt. guys are horrible at flirting, but...

What does it mean when you blow in someones ear?

whats the question here? you need to be more specific

Should I tell my sister her boyfriend has a nsfw blog and engages in cyber flirting with other people?

You most definitely should tell your sister. Flirting with another person not in the relationship is cheating. He is stepping outside their relationship and that isn't fair to her.

What those the phrase step into someones elses shoe mean?

To see things from a different perspective.

Is any a annoyance a prank?

The definition of a prank is to annoy a person so a prank is any type of annoyance. No matter how. Just pulling hair or stepping on someones foot

How do you recognize original Adidas?

by ripping off someones shoe asking them if they say no or look like they are lying slap and run

How do you recognize original Adidas shoes?

by ripping off someones shoe asking them if they say no or look like they are lying slap and run

Why do you wire broush the bottom of a bowling shoe?

Usually to scrape off dirt or to rough up smooth areas caused by stepping on something wet.