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yes because it contains chemicals that are harmful to our body

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Q: Is standard paint harmful if inhaled?
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Is car oil harmful if its inhaled?

No but it is flamable.

Is green mold harmful?

if it is inhaled or digested yes

Is lighting weed with a birthday candle harmful when inhaling?

Marijuana is harmful when inhaled. No matter what you are lighting it with.

Is battery acid vapors harmful if inhaled?

Yes, and so is touching it.

Why is yellow paint harmful?

Yellow paint can be harmful because of the chemicals or dyes that are used to create the yellow coloring. Yellow paint is not any more harmful than other colors of paint with the same types of chemicals.

How is smoking harmful to people around you?

They inhale the same poisons that the smoker inhaled and exhaled.

Is citric acid residue harmful if inhaled?

The inhalation of citric acid powders is undesirable.

Is zyklon b dangerous?

It is not unstable, used properly it is safe. But of course it is harmful if inhaled.

Is car paint toxic?

If significant amounts are inhaled or ingested then, most definitely, yes.

Are there any Hazardous material in latex paint?

No, it isn't.

Why do they put lead in paint?

Lead was added to paint in the past as a pigment to provide color and durability. However, lead is toxic when ingested or inhaled, which can be harmful especially to children and pregnant women. Due to the serious health risks, lead-based paint has been banned in many countries.

Is paint harmful?

It depends on the levels of VOC.