Is spring water dirty

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is spring water dirty
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Clean water is added to a tank full of dirty water. After some time the tank is full of clean water. Dirty water disappears. What is the principle and how does it work?

The principle is 'dilution': with the first addition of clean water to dirty water, the dirty water becomes less dirty because it is diluted by the clean water. With the continued addition of clean water to dirty water, eventually the dirty water will be completely diluted and there will be no dirty water left; it will all be replaced by clean water.

Where does dirty water go?

dirty water is recycled in the water cycle

When was Dirty Water created?

Dirty Water was created in 1966.

Why do parrots dirty their water?

because they want dirty water

What is Dirty Fuel?

dirty water

Why do countries have dirty water?

Because the mud in the water makes it dirty.

Do tad pols have to live in clean water or dirty water?


Is the rain clean water or dirty water?

Dirty water flows faster, due to the more weight it carries.

How do you know to change dirty water to clean water?

There is a machine that changes dirty water to clean water

what was the real reason why Jesse stopped Winnie from drinking the spring water?

Jesse told Winnie that the water is dirty as it comes straight from the ground and would not be good for her to drink. But this was not the real reason why. The actual reason was that Winnie would become immortal like Jesse by drinking from the spring.

Does dirty water and salt makes fresh water?

No all that does is make the dirty water salty.

Who sings dirty water?

The Standells Released the Album "Dirty Water" in 1966 on the Sundazed record Label with track #5 as "Dirty Water".