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Inhaling any smoke is not healthy.

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Q: Is smoking rose petals unhealthy
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Does smoking rose petals get you high?

Yes, you can and it will relax you. The Ghetto Weed!

how many number of petals in rose?

There are indefinite number of petals in rose flower due to conversion of stamens in to petals

Is the petals of a rose free?

If you can find someone to give them to you then they are free. But if you want them from an actual store you have to pay for them. They sell real rose petals as well as fake rose petals.

Is there any dessert recipe based on Rose petals?

Yes, there are many recipes with rose petals. Rose jam for example, or rose preserves.

What do petals on a rose tattoo symbolize?

The rose is a symbol of the Goddess Aphrodite. The number of petals on a rose are often symbolized in numerology.

Is smoking a cigar dangerous or unhealthy?

its unhealthy

Rose petals destroy which metal?

Diamond is the metal that can destroy rose petals if they are put around the diamond.

What is the effect of acid on china rose petals?

There are a few different effects that can be noticed when acid is placed on a China rose's petals. These petals will quickly deteriorate.

Is smoking unhealthy?

Smoking is unhealthy because it can affect you and the people around you. Smoking is More poisonous than Rattlesnake venom.

What is the simile for the rose petals are as delicate as...?

The rose petals are as delicate as an Olympic Athlete.

How many petals and sepals does a rose have?

Petals: 5 Sepals: 5

How many grams in a pound of rose petals?

There are 453.592 grams in a pound. I don't know why you felt you needed to specify "of rose petals".