Is smoking eraser shavings bad

Updated: 4/28/2022
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SMOKING ANYTHING IS BAD!!!!! The eraser shavings wouldn't do anything, but the markers would coudl you high, which leads to memory and and learning problems along with tons of other life long things (brain damage).

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Q: Is smoking eraser shavings bad
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What are eraser shavings called?

They are most commonly referred to as "eraser shavings".

Is it possible to make eraser putty out of eraser shavings?

Yes, but only if the shavings could be ground into a fine powder

How do you make a eraser out of a eraser?

erase something and get the shavings from the eraser and melt them together and you are done

Why are your eraser shavings hot?

Friction between the eraser and the paper Your eraser shavings are hot because you rub the eraser back and forth inserting pressure. Just like if you rub your hands together. Your eraser shavings are hot because you rub the eraser back and forth inserting pressure. Just like if you rub your hands together.

Are eraser shavings worth money?


Where do the eraser shavings go?

Every spring, there is a vast migration of eraser shavings that all make a pilgrimage to their own version of an elephant graveyard, where the shavings all settle into their final resting place, before being exhumed and excavated and processed into organically recycled erasers.

How do you get a eraser out of a sharpener?

Where the pencil shavings come out of, get a pointed pencil and put it in and pick it out!

How do you make erasers from scratch?

Try "erasing" an eraser on a wooden table. Smush them together, and keep it going till it gets bigger. You are basically making an eraser 'ball" This eraser "ball" is basically a kneaded eraser.

How do you make putty erasers?

you microwave an eraser for ten minutes

How do you melt eraser shavings into one eraser?

This is a guess but my eraser just like melted (atleast I hope its my eraser) and its sticky, but it doesn't seem to stick to the paper so I'd imagine you could just pick-up them a push them together

Where can you sell eraser shavings?

there is no place to sell eraser shavings..duhhhhhhhh There could be a market for anything as long as a buyer is found, odd items such as eraser shavings, pencil shavings and clothes drier lint might have to be saved in huge quantities to be of any value. The price of storing these items could far exceed any possible profit. Your success not only comes from identifying your buyers but it all comes down to marketing. It you could find a way to to present this as not just eraser shavings but as an ideal solution to a problem that really needs an easy fix. Be creative, and just think of some of the TV adds that come on at 2:00 in the morning and how they present what ever crazy item someone came up with. Just thought of something, Some coin collectors will use an eraser to clean the pollutants and gunk that can build up on coins in circulation. Try to come up with a way to embed your shavings into a soft cloth. Then just go for the right buyer.

What is a bad insulater?

a pencil eraser