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I'm not 100% sure i'm size 12 and im 14 but im size 12 in pants, i have muscley legs and 10/12 in tops for my big fat hips.

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Q: Is size 12 normal for sixteen year old girl?
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There exist no right answers. It depends on your body, your size and weight. Normal breast size is 34B. But every women is different. It varies between 32AA up to 36DD.

What breast size cup should a sixteen year old girl have?

That depends on the size of the girls breast and chest measurments.

What is the average pant size of a sixteen-year-old girl?

No the normal size is a 5-13, the real size is where you are comfterble. If you feel good then that is your size.

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no it isnt

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The normal heart beat range for a 16 year old girl is around 80 beats per minute. This can fluctuate from 60 to 100 beats per minute and still be in normal range.

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There isn't actually a 'normal breast size' because everyone is different.

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It depends on height and weight. And you'd have to define normal.

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