Is school bad for health

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: Is school bad for health
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Is school in Canada actually bad for your health?

This is my own question I am answering. I don't know if school is bad for your health in America. I asume it is the same as here. In Canada, school is not bad for your health. It is unhealthy to sit for more then 6 hours a day straight. With school, reccess and P.E. (Gym) and walking to classes (Grade 7+) balances out. If you didn't do all that stuff, you would sit for more then 6 hours a day straight. That is unhealthy. Thanks. Bye.

How does health affect students?

Health can greatly impact students' academic performance, attendance, and overall well-being. Poor health can lead to increased absences, difficulty concentrating, and decreased productivity in school. On the other hand, good health can improve cognitive function, boost energy levels, and enhance learning abilities.

Is school lunch food bad to eat?

It shouldn't be. A school's food should be tested by some health people to make sure it's safe to eat.

What is school health program?

Programs in school for health.

Is masterbetion bad for health?

The correct spelling is masturbation, and the answer is no, it is not bad for your health.

Is tar bad for your health?

Yes, tar is very bad for your health

Is Shep Smith's health bad?

Is Shepard Smith in bad health

If cell phones are bad for your health why are they allowed and who is responsible?

They are not bad for your health, don't believe that b.s. (bad sources)

Is spicy food bad for health?

Yes its very very very bad for health

Why schools should NOT ban junk food?

Studies of healthiness and health and dietary habits among American public school students indicate it's a bad idea.

Is pig fat good or bad for your health?

bad, bad, BAD

Are cockaroaches bad for your health?

They are not bad in themselves. What make them bad for your health are the bacteria that they carry with them. Some of them can make you very sick.