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Ringworm is not inherited from any parent, mother or father. It is caused by different fungi that thrives in moist areas such as locker rooms or shower stalls and is spread from person to person who share things such as towels and clothing. Thus the many common names for ringworm such as "jock's itch" and "athlete's foot" are named because of the common occurrences in athletic settings. Ringworm can happen to anyone however given the appropriate circumstances.

The different kinds of conditions involving ringworm is named based on the area that is affected. Tinea pedis is ringworm on the feet, tinea capitis involves the scalp, tinea unguium affects the toenails and fingernails, and etc. Depending on the area involved, different symptoms can occur. Typically there are raised red "rings" on the skin however in the nails, discoloration and hardening can occur.

It is important to avoid walking barefoot in common stall areas. For example, when one lives in a university where many people may share a stall at once, it is imperative to wear flip flops when showering. People also avoid sharing towels or other clothing.

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Q: Is ringworm inherited from the mother or father?
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