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No, it is not safe to take with heart medication without consulting your doctor since it is a hair loss prevention medication it may react with your medications.

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Q: Is provillus safe to take with heart medication?
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Is it safe to take disgrasil?

Yes, it if it prescribed to you by your primary care physician, it is completely safe to take Disgrasil. However, if the medication is not in your name, it is unsafe to take this medication.

Can someone under heart medication take Goji berries?

A patient who is under heart medication should consult his physician before taking Goji berries at they may interact with certain drugs. Otherwise, Goji berries are safe to eat moderately.

Is it safe to take Benadryl and ADHD medication?


What pain medication can you take if you have a heart murmur?


Is it safe to take a combination of pain medication totaling 4000mg daily?

it is depending on what medication you are mixing.

My brother takes heart medication what kind of vitamins can he take to help with his heart?

Your brother will need to consult his doctor to see which vitamins can be taken with the heart medication. Never take anything unless it is approved by your doctor.

Is it safe to take Wellbutrin XL and Levoxyl a thyroid medication?


Is it safe to take midol complete while pregnant?

Yes. It is safe to use the above medication in pregnancy in recommended dosage. But you tend to avoid unnecessary medication in pregnancy.

Is it okay to take panadol and muscle relaxant pills together with heart medication?

That depends on the heart medication. Talk to your pharmacist and prescriber for details specific to your situation.

Is this dangerous to take with Celexa medication?

Every medication is dangerous if you take high dose, abuse it, or allergic to it. In general, celexa is relatively safe at the recommended dose.

Can you take cetirizine and paracetamol?

Cetirazine is an allergy medication and paracetamol is a pain medication and fever reducer. They are safe to take together.

What weight loss pill is safe to take with Cymbalta?

Cymbalta is a prescription medication that treats depression and anxiety via a selective serotonin inhibitor mechanism. The only prescription weight loss medication that is safe to take with Cymbalta is Phentermine.