Is proud a good thing

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: Is proud a good thing
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Can you give me an example of a painting poem?

if your saying to be good at painting poem u dont have to be you cant be good at every thing just be proud at what u do DUMMY

What to be proud of?

You should be proud of several things. I am proud of my Ethnicity.(Czechoslovak) You should also be proud of what your kids do, how beautiful your wife is, if you have a good job, if you have a good life, and you should be proud if you're enjoying the life your living.

What is the most thing a pharaoh is proud of?


Why do you Proud being Pakistani girl?

proud be to do good and not bad in the meantime

What can you make your family proud of you and others respect your personality more?

Always try your best. Do the right thing. Be a good person. Love yourself.

Why was George Washington dad proud of him for cutting down a cherry tree?

I don't think he was proud that the tree was cut down. He was proud that when asked George told the truth that he had cut it down......he did not lie.....he fessed up to doing it. Georges dad could have even seen George do it. Telling the truth is a good thing.

What is the best thing to make for your mom and dad?

"make them proud"

What does it mean if you don't feel very proud of what you've done in the military?

Killing human being (enemy soldier) is not thing to be proud of.

What is the best thing about Zambia?

we create our own things traditionally

Should women be outside the Kitchen?

no, for this question to be asked is an outrage! that is their specialty, cooking and they should be proud of it! they should be proud of it because that's the only thing they can do!

What is a good topic sentence about pride?

I am proud of my daughter.Things like that made him proud to be British.She was proud of her achievement.

What football team is the same thing as proud americans?

The New England Patriots