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Yes, propolis is good for soothing a sore throat, sore lips, acne and more.

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Q: Is propolis good for soothing a throat?
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What do you do to help your sore throat?

Go get some throat soothing medicine!

Where can you get bee propolis?

There are many online stores that supply propolis. The website in the related links is one of them and it has had lots of good reviews.

Does bee propolis expire?

Yes, bee propolis does expire over a specific time period. The actual time in which the bee propolis expires depends on factors such as the form in which the propolis is in and the type of conditions it is stored in.

Which one is the best bee propolis?

Not sure what you mean. Propolis is a sticky substance produced by bees to join things together in their hive and to fill very small holes. It is said that it has anti-bacterial properties and can be used to gargle to cure a sore throat.

What is the benefit of propolis?

There are many benefits to propolis, one of them is that it has no known side effects.

Is soothing a verb?

It could be a verb but normally is an adjective... a good way to remember this is the shurly method 'the massage was soothing.'..."what was the massage?" (soothing) adjective

Is Crest White good for soothing gums that are irritated from wearing partial plates?

Crest White is good for soothing gums, but only in moderation.

Can ice cream be used as a cure of some sort?

ice cream is very soothing for a sore throat! hope i helped :)

Is Bee Propolis found in raw honey?

There may be traces of propolis in honey, but it is not present in significant amounts.

How do you cure sore throat after wisdom tooth removal?

Sore throats should always be looked at by a doctor to make sure that you do not have an infection. In the meantime, soothing a sore throat will help. Use a lozenge or hot tea to soothe a sore throat..

What are the benefits of eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus oil is used in most throat lozenges and can be very soothing to the throat. Eucalyptus oil has also been known to open up the nasal passages during congestion.

Where to get Brazilian propolis in Brazil and any other skin care product native to that country?

I think that the best place to buy propolis is online. The website in the related links section supply a range of propolis and more.