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Q: Is prescribed drug use as prescribed a responsible use of drugs?
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What could be an influence on your drug use?

Weather the drugs are illegal or prescribed by a Doctor.

What are the legal implications of drug use?

Legal implications of drug use is a "loaded" question. It depends on whether or not the drug is legal for use in society. If the drug is "legal" AND prescribed by a physician licensed to prescribe said "drug", and used ONLY by the patient to whom the "drug" was prescribed, then there should be no LEGAL ramifications. If, AND ONLY if the "drug" in question is listed as ILLEGAL for consumption in society will legal ramifications occur. In other words: If you are using MEDICATION (drugs) that are illegal to use, or consuming Medication that has not been prescribed to you by a licensed physician, ultimately you are breaking the law.

Are you allowed to take Lyrica with a CDL license?

Lyrica is a habit-forming drug, and use of habit-forming drugs, even if prescribed, is a disqualifying condition.

Can a legal drug become illegal?

It occurs all the time and any drug can be abused. In most cases, drugs that are legal when prescribed by a doctor are illegal if they are obtained through any other means. Yes if people use drugs the wrong way they can become illegal.

What are two illegal drugs?

Right now there are several completely illegal drugs, which puts them as a schedule I. A schedule one drug, has no known medical use. LSD, and heroin are 2 of many. If you are in possession of any controlled medication (Schedule V, IV, III, II) and are not prescribed that medication, then that would be an illegal drug. Even cocaine, amphetamines, and THC (marinol) can be prescribed for medical purposes. Basically, it's the person that makes the drug illegal.

Do drugs affect your sight?

Yes they do. It depends if you are taking prescribed drugs and using them properly then they should improve whatever condition you're in but drugs affect you long term and short term depending on how long you use them and sight loss and bad sight is one of the many bad symptoms of drug use.

What are some questions you could ask people to persuade people about drug use?

Persuade them pro or con? Illegal Drugs (con): Drugs (even just 'pot') fry your braincells, which do not regenerate. The information that may have been stored in them is lost forever. Prescribed drugs (pro):

What is the use of Wikoryl?

Wikoryl tablet is a prescribed drug (schedule H) and is prescribed in Cough, cold and fever.

What is drug use?

Drug use is the use of drugs on the basis of medical presicription which helps in the physical treatment

what exactly is drug abuse?

Drug abuse refers to the misuse and excessive use of drugs for non-medical purposes, leading to negative consequences on physical and mental health, relationships, and overall well-being. This can include taking drugs in higher quantities than prescribed, using illicit drugs, or using substances beyond their intended purposes.

Do WWE superstars use drugs?

Jeff use drug's!

What are contraidicated drugs?

a contraindication is a reason not to use a drug or a certain combination of drugs.