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Yes in some way. Play fighting is a form of flirting because they want to play around and see if you enjoy it. ha ha ha =) By Blanco Princpal

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Some men like play fighting with women. Some even hit a girl over the head with a lunch box as a way of saying that they like the girl. However this type of behavior can lead to abuse.

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Q: Is playful fighting a form of flirting?
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What does it mean if a guy flicks your nose?

It's playful way of flirting.

What does it mean when a guy do silly faces at you?

He is being playful. He likes you. He is flirting with you and wants you to do it back. Play along. ^^

Is teasing flirting?

yes it is a form of flirting

Is playful an adjective?

Yes, playful is an adjective, a word to describe a noun; for example:a playful childa playful smilea playful mood

Is playful and adverb?

The noun form for the adjective playful is playfulness.

If a girl felling on you is that flirting?

Yes, if a girl is feeling on you that is a form of flirting.

Is she flirting she kicks?

If it is a playful gentle kick then yes! If she is hurting you and she sees that then no, not at all! :) Make sure to see the deferential. Good Luck!

How can you stop fighting with the boy you like?

just stop flirting with him don't pay him no attention!! just stop flirting with him don't pay him no attention!!

What are signs that he is flirting with you?

some guys will act playful and run up to you and push you.some will hit on you.some will stare at you and others are hard to emplain

Is playful hitting flirting?

It can be, if a girl does it to a guy. Guys, dont EVER do that to a girl. They will smck you. but if you are a guy asking this, yes. only delivered by a girl.

What form adjective that compares two things using word playful?

more playful This is the comparative form of playful. Because playful has two syllables then use more. For smaller adjectives -er is added to the adjective eg big -- bigger, small -- smaller

What is the noun and verb of playfull?

The word playful is the adjective form for the verb to play; the word play is also a noun.The noun form for the adjective playful is playfulness.