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yes due to people accesing more of their brains

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Q: Is photographic memory a mutation
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How do you get photographic memory?

You can't get photographic memory, but some people are born with it.

What is the duration of Photographic Memory film?

The duration of Photographic Memory - film - is 1.4 hours.

When was Photographic Memory - film - created?

Photographic Memory - film - was created on 2011-09-01.

Did Einstein have a photographic memory?


What is the difference between iedetic memory and photographic memory?

A photographic memory means that you can remember words and images that you see (hense photographic) Where as an Eidetic memory means that you can remember everything, no matter how you obtain the information, it does not just have to be obtained via sight.

How do you develop your photographic memory?

You don't. Eidetic memory, more commonly know as photographic memory. Is a way that the brain is wire. It's can't be learned.

Did Charles Dickens have a photographic memory?

There is no definitive evidence that Charles Dickens had a photographic memory. While he was known for his remarkable memory and attention to detail, it is likely that his ability to vividly recall people and events stemmed from his keen observation and storytelling skills rather than a photographic memory.

Is there such thing as photographic memory?


Why do you lose photographic memory?

Because it was never photographic in the first place. It was just good.

What is it called when you remember everything?

photographic memory??

What is another term for a photographic memory?

Means you remember everything, down to the last detail. As if you have a photograph of the situation that you can look on to pick out details.

What actors and actresses appeared in Photographic Memory - 2011?

The cast of Photographic Memory - 2011 includes: Ross McElwee as himself Adrian McElwee as himself