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Sometimes but no always because you don't want to be going out with someone who is really good looking but has the personality of a door handle.

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Q: Is personality always more important than appearance?
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Is appearance more important than personality?

It is certainly nice to keep your appearance up but what would looking good do you if you couldn't carry on a conversation. Personality is greatly important and as I mentioned it is always good to keep up your appearance to what you like.

Are looks really that important to a guy?

a great personality is always more important

What matters more appearance or personality when you're trying to get the right guy?

Appearance matters somewhat but it is more personality. You could be beautiful but mean and cold and it'd be hard to love you. Try using appearance to get the guy, then reel him in with your great personality.

Why want you date me im hot?

Many people view intelligence and personality as far more important factors than physical appearance when selecting a mate.

Do mindless behavior like big girls?

The personality matters more than appearance.

What does more than a pretty face mean?

It means that the person has more than just their outside appearance - they are smarter than you think or stronger than you think or have more personality.

What is the difference between pleasing physical appearance and pleasing personality?

Main difference between Pleasing Physical Appearance and Pleasing Personality is that : Pleasing Physical Apperance is just due to the cloths, accessories or make up that you wear. But Pleasing Personality is Combination of both Physical appearance and Internal Personality Traits which brighten your looks, makes you enthusiastic and helps you portray a more confident picture of yours. The way you carry yourself, communication skills, cheerfulness, sense of humor etc. Namrta Mohan

Is Leo's love partner handsome or not?

Personality is more important than looks.

What is the definition of a character study?

Character study is defined as a work of fiction in which the delineation of the main character's personality is important. The main character's personality is considered more important the story's plot.

What is the meaning of the proverb handsome is as handsome does?

Character and behaviour are more important than appearance

When voting what is more important the candidates personality or his stand on issues?

issues are stupid and cool

Should the guy be taller than the girl when you are dating?

usually yes.. but if you love him does it really matter how tall he is??