Is perrier water good for you?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is not harmful and water, be it perrier or vitamin water, is good for the body.

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Q: Is perrier water good for you?
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What is the pH of Perrier water?

5.4ph not good for health, especially when you pay for it, go alkaline

Where can one get pictures of Perrier water?

There are several places that one can get pictures of Perrier water. These websites include Google Images, Yahoo Images, and the official Perrier website.

Is Perrier seltzer water?

Yes it is.

Is Perrier Water Sparkling water?

perrier is carbonated water. Have you never seen the commercial, where everything is melting? its fizzy. So yes it is sparking!

What is the home country for perrier water?


Where did Perrier water come from?

It originated in France

How much is perrier water?

A 750 milliliter glass bottle of Perrier Sparkling Water with Lime is $26.65. However, this price may vary depending on where you look.

What is sodium content of Perrier water?

9 mg

Who sings the song for Perrier water?

waves by cammille

perrier water current market share?

Last check Perrier brand had a 5.7% share of the bottled water market, making it No. 3 behind Arrowhead and Sparkletts

Is Perrier naturally carbonated?

yes its carbonated spring water

What is flowing slower pure water or Perrier water?

Pure because it has less carbon molecules in it