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naproxen may be good for pain in teeth but your best bet would to take the drug ibuprofen they are both in the same category called non steriodal anti inflammatory drugs

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Paracetamol is a painkiller, and must only be used according to the label or advice from a doctor or chemist. An overdose must be avoided as it could lead to organ damage and possible death.

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yes but drink plenty of water with it.

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Q: Is paracetamol good for toothache
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How do egyptians cure a toothache?

take a paracetamol!

Is cyclobenzaprine good for toothache?


Is mefenamic acid a good toothache drug?

In my experienced it is good because it prevent my toothache when i take in during my suffering. But i don't know the side effect to my health.

What is a good drawing tablet?


What is good about paracetamol?

it makes you better dar!

Is the treatment different for persistent toothache and intermittent toothache?

When talking about a toothache , the best person who can answer all your concern is the dentist.

What is yerba buena good for?

used mainly as a pain reliever headache's, toothache's, etc.

Is ultram good for a toothache?

No, it eases it slightly but not completely. Barely takes the edge off.

When was The Alligator's Toothache created?

The Alligator's Toothache was created in 1962.

What is the strongest out of aspirin and paracetamol?

Hello! There is not a stronger one than the other, however paracetamol is more recommended as it s better on your stomach than aspirin that causes bleeding. I would go for paracetamol for sure unless the doctor says otherwise. Paracetamol is a good fever reducer and pain killer.

Is Timethoprim good for toothache?

Sulfamethoxazole with Trimethoprim, the dynamic fixings in Bactrim, is an anti-infection that is utilized to treat different sorts of diseases. This implies it will just help if your toothache is being brought about by a disease of some sort.

Can z-pak be used for toothache?