Is panty liners safe to use daily?

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Yes they are perfectly safe to use daily. If you do choose to use them on a daily basis then try the unscented ones.

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Q: Is panty liners safe to use daily?
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Should 10 year old girls use panty liners?

Should a 10 year old wear panty liners

When does one need to use panty liners?

Just before or after your period there is some amount of vaginal discharge or very little bleeding. This is the time to wear liners as they are not as thick as pads and yet do the job.

What kind of pads can I use for scanty flow?

For scanty flow you should use panty liners as they are thin and small. They are one type of sanitary napkins itself. They are the apt size and thickness for little to no bleeding.

My friend has just started her period so it is erratic and the flow is little. What can she wear?

Since it is just the start of the menstrual cycle she could use panty liners. Infact pads have a special one for little bleeding called the extra long liners. They are small and discreet can soak well. They are a great option.

Is it safe to use this product every day?

Yes, they have made this product so it is safe to use on a daily basis.

Is it normal for semen to leak 2 days after intercourse How do you prevent odor with leakage Panty liners are used but the odor is still prevalent?

this happens to me as well, but only with my husband i have never had anything like this with any lovers before him..we have been married nine years and its just something i have learned to live with, the only thing that helps i have found is taking a tub bath afterwords...or not letting him ejaculate inside. use panty liners or maxi pads. It's a fact of life

Is this safe for daily use?

Yes, the Biolage Conditioner Balm is designed for daily use. Directions for use are printed on the back of the bottle. It will not damage hair from daily usage.

What is safe daily dose of morphine Ir?

morphine requirement will increase with regular use and safe dose will depend on weight and general health a safe daily dose is nil.

Is a 350 bored over 60 safe for daily use?


Is safe to use Viagra daily?

Viagra is safe to use daily but one is advise to only use once per day. One should check with one's doctor to know the prescribe time that one should take it.

What spacecraft do americnas use?

The days of space capsules are gone; today people use Space Shuttles (Space Liners/ "Air Passenger Liners").

How often can you use norforms?

norforms are safe to use daily per clinical review!!! you can ven use them while your on your menstrual cycle

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